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Welcome to InfoSphere

IInfoSphere is a space for fact-based, objective analysis, by the Centre for New Economic Studies, on some of the most pressing contemporary issues of policy concern in South Asia (with a more focus on India).


The purpose of each Fact-Sheet, to be released on a monthly basis, is to provide a data-based narrative on an identified issue, allowing readers to understand, analyse and interpret facts critically from well-authenticated sources.


The Team’s sincere hope is that such a form of analysis will allow a cohesive space for policy-diagnosis and discussion on key issues, where facts shown here, can help most shape more informed opinions than give way to personal conjecture or views reflecting deep prejudice or rhetoric.

Centre for New Economics Studies, Jindal Global University

Espousing the philosophy of how contemporary economic theories look at socio-economic problems in a variety of ways, the Centre for New Economics Studies (CNES) through its research and activities aims to focus more on exploring the diversity of the scholarship on economics. At CNES, students and young researchers are not only exposed to the basic foundations of economic reasoning and thought but are exposed to the inter-disciplinary application of the discipline of economics in fields of political science (via political economy), psychology (via behavioral economics), history (via economic history), legal studies (via law and economics) and more.

Other Initiatives by CNES

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